ОАО Булочно-кондитерская компания «Домочай»
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In 1958 Kostukovichi area come to the fore the issue of the construction of a bakery, where all the key processes have been mechanized. It began its activities Kostiukovichi bakery.

In 1970 it was reconstructed and put into effect confectionery shop. Later the shop was expanded, built the warehouse for bulk storage of flour, an automatic production line of soft drinks. In 2004, commercial production of soft confectionery, installed the line for bottling soft drinks in PET bottles. In 2005. switched to baking ovens and boilers for gaseous fuels.

In 2007 the factory Production of fruit jelly.

Today, production companies make up 120 tons of bakery products, 2.0 tons of confectionery per month.