JSC Bakery-confectionery company 'Domochay'
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Republican Unitary Production Enterprise "Mogilevhlebprom" begins its history from the distant 1927, when it was formed Mogilev Bakery. Since 1972, in connection with the perfection of structure and concentration of production, the Ministry of Food Industry was created BSSR Mogilev regional production association baking industry. And in 2001 the Association was renamed the republican unitary enterprise "Mogilevhlebprom.

During the existence of RUPE "Mogilevhlebprom" were built:

  • Production № 1 (Mogilev)
  • Production № 3 (Mogilev)
  • Production № 4 (Mogilev)
  • Bobruiskiy Bakery
  • Bychaŭ Bakery
  • Gorki Bakery
  • Krichevsky Bakery
  • Klimovichi Bakery
  • Kostiukovichi Bakery
  • Osipovichsky Bakery

Currently the company employs more than 2,500 people. This is a highly qualified workforce. Excellence in conjunction with the experience and skill allows stable high-quality products. And it is very important in today's increasingly competitive markets.

Today RUPE Mogilevhlebrom "has its own distribution network (65 new retail outlets) 16 which had the status of a chain store, providing jobs 246 people. Some stores have cafeterias with installed equipment for the baking hot baked goods, pancakes, donuts, etc. The annual turnover of firm trade is 28 billion rubles.

The company developing the social there is a dining room, massage and dental offices, hairdresser, children's summer camp, established CAV for employees.